Posted by: CongoChurch | January 28, 2023

Online Worship for Sunday, January 29, 2023

Happy Sunday and the beginning of the fifth week of January 2023. We are now in more of a winter weather pattern and February is supposed to start with cold temperatures at the end of the week. Our days are getting longer though. We’ve gained 50 minutes of daylight since winter began. :)!
All are welcome to attend our service this Sunday at 10AM. We are located on the River Road in Cherryfield, Maine. Rev. Larry Zimmerman is back at the pulpit this Sunday. His message for this Sunday is titled, “What Does it Mean to be Blessed?” Our scripture reading is Matthew 5:1-12. Malen Hsu will be playing our music. Marty Resotko will be our Liturgist. This week’s service will be recorded and posted on our church’s Facebook page later on Sunday.
Enjoy the upcoming week. Make the most of the week and pray the Groundhog sees his shadow and this will mean early spring. Live your faith this week, do good for others and for the world, and pray to God about your problems and give God your praise! Make it an awesome week ahead! :)!

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