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Church Suppers

Another season of of our Church Suppers begins for 2019! Suppers are held on the second Wednesday of every month from June to September. Doors open for seating at 4:30PM. We start serving at 5:30PM. Our supper menus for this year are:

Wednesday, June 12th – Chicken Pot Pie

Wednesday, July 10th – Roast Turkey

Wednesday, August 14th – Savory Beef

Wednesday, September 11th – Stuffed Haddock

Wednesday, October 9th – Roast Turkey

Hope to see you there!

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Pastor Larry Zimmerman greets church attendees!

Reverend Zimmerman welcomes people through our newly refurbished front doors on March 11, 2018. Thanks to Cathy Cirone for the picture!

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Church Supper Schedule 2018

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The Church Now Has Doors!

The Church With Doors! – Below is a post that explains how and why the front doors of the church needed to be repaired. This post is titled, “The Church Without Doors.” As these pictures show, the doors are back and are now a bright red! Looks like the “Welcome Mat” is also out!! The church appreciates the work of Tim Deschiffart and his crew for their workmanship on repairing the doors and Peter Duston for coordinating the work. A special thanks to the Maine Community Foundation and the Belvedere Fund for Historic Preservation for financing the work through the grant the church received. This made the work possible! !

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Exterior Doors of Church Refurbished Thanks to Belvedere Grant

A Thank You to the Belvedere Fund of the Maine Community Foundation for helping us fix the exterior doors of our church. These pictures show Tim Deschiffart and his crew stripping the front doors of the church, getting them prepped, and ready for repainting. Pictures courtesy of Peter Duston.


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There will be a Yard Sale on Saturday, July 22nd from 8AM to 2PM to benefit the Lamb House. The Lamb House serves as a shelter for those in Western Washington County Maine that are burned out of their homes or have stoem damage. It also serves as a “place to stay” when not being used as a shelter for groups to stay who work to better Washington County through public service activities or help the less fortunate. Please help support the Lamb House by donating items to the yard sale and purchasing items from the yard sale. Thank you for your support! 

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Church Supper Schedule for 2017

Church Supper Schedule

May – October 2017

May 10 | Comfort Food

June 14 | Chicken Pot Pie

July 12 | Turkey Dinner

August 9 | Savory Beef

September 13| Chicken Pot Pie

October 11 | Turkey Dinner

Come enjoy the good food, good fellowship, and great desserts!

Doors open at 4:00 PM
Dinner served at 5:30 PM
Location: Fellowship Hall

Adults $9.00, Children $4.00

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Rev. Zimmerman’s Easter Letter for 2017

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