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Bulletin for Sunday, January 22, 2023

Happy Sunday and the beginning of the fourth week of January 2023. We’ve gotten a couple of snowstorms this week. It seems like winter but at least the temperatures are mild for January! No below the donut yet!
All are welcome to attend our service this Sunday at 10AM. We are located on the River Road in Cherryfield, Maine.
Rev. Z is away this week. Angela Davis will be leading worship this Sunday. Our scripture readings this week are Psalm 27 and Matthew 4: 12 – 23 (NSRV). Rev. Davis’s message is titled, “God is My Light.”
If you can’t attend attend our service, Amy Mathews will be live streaming the service on our church Facebook page. Thanks Amy for being so faithful in doing this! :)!
Enjoy the upcoming week. The days are getting longer in terms of daylight. And the snowy landscape looks beautiful in its bleak and stark way. One of those “beauty in all things” moments. May you find beauty and love in your week ahead. Live your faith, do works to help others, and take care of yourself. Keep God in your life and remember to pray when needed. Pray, hope, and don’t worry! Make it a great one! :)!

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