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2016 Church Suppers get rave reviews

Church Supper - Bob and Larry

Since we have been serving buffet style, we can be more efficient with fewer helpers.

Since we have been serving buffet style, we can be more efficient with fewer helpers.

Church Supper - baby Church Supper - crowd

Blueberry pies are the August favorites during Blueberry Season!

Blueberry pies are the August favorites during Blueberry Season!

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Lamb House – a refuge from fire and storm

The Lamb House has it’s first residents in the form of the Migrant Volunteer Medical Team here to provide medical care to the blueberry workers.  After a busy spring of volunteers, in-kind labor and $30,000 of our funds, the house is functional, at least for the non-heating months – we need a new boiler.  We expect that we will be able to raise funds for Phase II that includes the heating system and basement stabilization so that the House is ready for emergency use this winter. IMG_3327[1]

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Bob Dylan Marathon – all 14 Albums, June 14th

Church 040Come to the Pines on Rt 1A in Milbridge for 13 hours of Bob Dylan. We are raising money to re-hab the Lamb House next to the church as a refuge for victims of weather disasters and fire. Food and music from 11am to 10 pm. Come and go as you wish. $25. donation to a great cause!! Bless you all for your support.

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We Hope you had a blessed Easter – We did!

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. We shared Good Friday with Milbridge Congregational which was meaningful. Our combined choirs came together nicely. Easter sunrise was celebrated at the Weald Bethel Chapel as we have for decades. Alice Zimmerman prepared not only a wonderful breakfast for us but with added decorations. Her brush attachment to the alter cross was very special. We had a nice sized crowd. In the photos, Alice is cooking, the alter flowers were beautiful and in memory of family members.




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from an old post card in the church files

from an old post card in the church files

Church 017

Church 019

Church 020

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SUPPERS PLANNED FOR 2014 Help spread the word!

Beginning in May, our church will have the first of six suppers. We continue a tradition of providing a great meal, a sing-a-long and good fellowship in the dinning room and in the kitchen. At a recent meeting, it was agreed to increase the ticket price to $9. This is the first increase in many a year and due to the increase in food prices. Here are the dates and menu to be offered:
May 14 Pork Loin
June 11 Roast Beef
July 9 Ham & Scallop Potatoes
August 13 Roast Beef
Sept. 10 Chicken Pot Pie
October 8 Turkey w/trimmings

The Lamb House Fundraiser Planned

There remains much work to get the Lamb House ready to be used. This is the house that was formerly the residence of Kay Lamb. It is located next to the church which we purchased two years ago. We are currently exploring the possibility of creating a home that can be used by families who are “out in the cold” due to fire or other loss. The idea of a shelter is still on the table. However, the main focus is looking in to a grant for funds that would help us bring it to a livable condition. This past summer it was used by an individual who was helping with the Maine Seacoast Mission and that may happen again this coming summer.
We are making a list of things that need to be done in order of necessity and our ability to raise the funds to do so. To this end, our first Fund Raiser event will be held on Saturday, June 14th at the Pines on Route one in Milbridge.


Saturday, June 14th
The Pines
10 am – 11 pm.

Zimmerman Plays Zimmerman

(this is not about the Rev)

More information forthcoming


the First Congregational Church in Cherryfield, Maine
April 2014

Our Mission Statement
The First Congregational Church of Cherryfield is a community of faith that has joined together as family. We welcome all people at all points on their spiritual journey in order to spread God’s love and compassion here and throughout the world.

Dear Church Family,

So the word around is that spring is coming. When, I ask? Today’s rain took away a lot of snow, but the two feet of ice on the lake will take a lot more coaxing. But one thing for certain, regardless of what kind of winter we experience, we all know that spring is coming. And, without question, so is Easter. There is something about God’s grand design that placed the resurrection of Jesus at a time when all around us we soon will see evidence of resurrections. The crocus and tulips will soon break through the once frozen ground to bring a splash of color to the greens that will themselves find new life. From every new bud there is new life.
Jesus said “that unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone, but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” (John 12:24) Jesus used seeds and growth as examples through out his ministry. It was an illustration that could easily be understood by everyone. The promise of new life and new hope is what we celebrate and sing about every Easter and indeed what we observe as nature springs forth this time of year.
My you find in this coming Holy Week, a time of walking through the darkness of Jesus suffering and death only to come to the awakening of Easter Sunday and the proclamation that “He Lives!” In the words of a fifth century hymn: Come, risen Christ, with us abide, In this our joyful Eastertide; Your own redeemed forever shield; From every weapon death can wield.”

In Christ,

Rev. Larry Zimmerman

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A 1905 Easter card

A 1905 Easter card



Palm Sunday, April 13 (at both churches)

Maundy Thursday, April 17, 7PM here with Milbridge

Good Friday, April 18, 7PM at  Milbridge

Easter Sunrise, 6:10AM at the wharf in Milbridge

Easter Service here at 10AM (at both churches)

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Spring announces that Easter is coming!

On the way to church last Sunday, April 6th.  Is spring really coming?

On the way to church last Sunday, April 6th. Is spring really coming?

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Lent Approaches!

This Wednesday: Lent Begins




Saturday – March 15th

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January Thaw Brings Folks Out to Church!

Sunday, Jan 12 dawned mild and sunny, given us a break from the bitter cold and ice of the recent deep freeze.

We were entertained by 2 year old Nevaeh singing the ABC Song with the help of her stand-in Mimi, Alice Duston.

Church 013


And then by Nevaeh playing the piano:


Church 012

And then by Nevaeh practicing a duet with our musician, Sepp Huber who works with kids and music.


Church 015

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