Posted by: CongoChurch | March 20, 2022

Online Worship for Sunday, March 20, 2022 – Third Sunday of Lent

Happy Third Sunday of March! You are welcome to join us at the First Congregational Church of Cherryfield this Sunday, March 20th at 10AM.
Rev. Larry Zimmerman will be away. Leading our service will be the Rev. Nick Davis. Rev. Davis is a former Pastor at the Ellsworth Congregational Church.
This week’s message is titled,”Count the Stars” and our scripture readings are taken from Genesis 15:1-6 and Luke 13:1-9.
Guest Minister Nick Davis’s message is not included in this week’s “Online Worship.” We did not have it ahead of time. Please watch on our church’s Facebook stream to listen to it.
If you are unable to attend our service, please feel free to follow our service by reading the pictures below. We will be streaming our service on our Facebook page again this weekend. Thanks to Katie and Amy Matthews for streaming our service!
Enjoy your week ahead! Stay Warm! Stay Healthy! Have a great and blessed week! Keep the faith! :)!

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