Posted by: CongoChurch | March 11, 2018

Pastor Larry Zimmerman greets church attendees!

Reverend Zimmerman welcomes people through our newly refurbished front doors on March 11, 2018. Thanks to Cathy Cirone for the picture!


  1. To the Cherryfield Congreational community, in a word, you are BLESSED to have the Rev. Larry Zimmerman as your spiritual leader! Rev. Larry is truly (as we in the Catholic community used to say in Latin ) “in persona christi” translation:”in the person of Christ”! I truly admire, and have boundless respect for Rev. Larry. He is a great, great servant of Almighty God, and it is my honor and pleasure to call Rev. Larry, my friend!
    RWC, Chaplain Emeritus,
    Methuen (MA) Fire Department

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