Posted by: CongoChurch | June 8, 2024

Online Worship for Sunday, June 9, 2024 – Message Title: “Improving our Vision”

Welcome to the Second Sunday of June and the last week of school for many. All are welcome to join us this Sunday, June 9th for our 10 AM service. Please come to church, read through our service in the pictures below, or watch our service on our church Facebook page. A big thanks to Amy Mathews for being so faithful in streaming our services each week! !

This week our service will be lead by the Rev. Larry Zimmerman. Rev. Zimmerman’s message is titled, “Improving our Vision.” Our scripture reading this week comes from Mark 10:46-51.

Enjoy the week ahead! Have faith in yourself and especially God in guiding you.Work with the spirit to do some good in the world! God bless and be with you and those you love in the week ahead! !

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