Posted by: CongoChurch | December 2, 2023

Bulletin for Sunday, December 3, 2023 – First Sunday in Advent (Candle of Hope) and Hanging of the Greens

Welcome to the first Sunday of December and of Advent. The weather has been mild this past week and we haven’t gotten any major snow accumulations yet. Don’t say the snow part too loud! ;)!

All are welcome to join us this Sunday, December 3rd for our 10AM service. Rev. Larry Zimmerman is leading our service. Please come to church, read through our service in the bulletin below, or watch our service on our church Facebook page. A big thanks to Amy Mathews for being so faithful in streaming our services each week! 🙂!

This week we will be celebrating the first Sunday of Advent as we light the first Advent candle of Hope. We will have our annual “Hanging of the Greens” service where we decorate our sanctuary for the Christmas season.

As we decorate our sanctuary for the service, we will discuss the meaning of our Christmas traditions and sing some related Christmas hymns. Communion will also be served this being the first Sunday of December.

Enjoy the week ahead! Live and enjoy your faith. Show it to others in small and sometimes great deeds. Hoping the Christmas spirit begins to show up in you and your family in some small way. If Christmas is hard for you then find joy in the small things.

Next Sunday will be “Ugly Sweater Sunday” so get out you ugly sweater and join us for next Sunday’s service if you can. Have a good week and try to be as “nice” as you can! Try to stay away from being “naughty”! ;)! God bless and be with you in the week ahead! :)!

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