Posted by: CongoChurch | October 30, 2021

Online Worship for October 31, 2021
What Sunday combines Saints, Ghosts, Goblins, and Costumes? Well, that Sunday is today, Sunday, October 31st. Halloween and All Saints Day in one! Also with a touch of All Souls Day! The Cherryfield Congregational Church will be having our Sunday Service at 10AM.
Rev. Larry Zimmerman ‘s message is titled “Accidental Saints” and is based on Luke 19:1-10 (NRSV). Rev. Z’s message deal with how we can sometimes for a few fleeting moments in our lives see how we can do great things! In a way we become “living saints.” Rev. Z will show us the “trick” for this.
Coffee Fellowship will follow the service. There will be many delicious “treats” to eat. During the service, an opportunity will be given for those present to light a candle to remember a person who has “past on” that was important in their lives.
If you are unable to attend our service in person, please read the highlights of the service in the PDF below. Enjoy the week ahead! Remember to “fall back” your clocks next Sunday morning. Have a blessed week, treat your self and others well, keep the tricks to a minimum, and try to do a few saintly things for others or for the world! God Bless and Be with You! Keep the Faith!

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